Bitcoin Trade Consulting – (coming soon)

For many traders, sometimes reading a manual is not enough.  We therefore offer one on one telephone consulting to review the techniques presented in the manual.

Bitcoin Consulting can be done at anytime as the markets are trading 24 x 7.  We only have to find a time which is convenient for both of us.

During the 1 hour Bitcoin Consulting session, each of the trading techniques presented in the manual will be explained using real time charts. We walk you through each trading scenario with recent market data. We explain how and when each technique is used and what signals to look for to either enter or exit the trade. We then guide you through the recent past market patterns to validate the techniques.

Studied the Pro Bitcoin Trading Manual
Computer with internet connection (no smart phones)
1 Hour of uninterrupted time

To schedule your 1 hour Bitcoin Consulting session, send an email to  Please provide at least two dates and times to select from.  Once times are verified, you will be given a Bitcoin address for payment.  Payment must be made prior to the consulting session begins.

Bitcoin Consulting