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We at Pro Bitcoin Trading offer to you  this helpful set of Bitcoin Day Trading Tips. There are critical elements of Bitcoin trading which are usually learned only from experience.  The years of trial, error, successes, failures, gains and losses are very difficult to accumulate.  These important tips were collected from our over 15 years of experience to be able to aid you in your trading.  The tips are absolutely free and they cover what we consider the three critical areas of trading; the market, the method, and the environment.

Trading market tips are related to the specific market that you are trading.  We are exclusive Bitcoin market traders and the tips revealed in this section benefit all those who trade the Bitcoin market.

TIP: Did your Bitcoins get trapped when Mt. Gox or Bitstamp suspended withdrawals?  Then here is a simple tip which may prevent that from ever happening again.  Do not store your Bitcoins in any online wallet.  Only place them online while you are actively trading.  Store you Bitcoins in your local wallet or your paper wallet for extra security.  We traded on Mt. Gox regularly but our Bitcoins were not impacted by the bankruptcy because they were safe in our local wallets.  Remember, these are unregulated markets and anything can and will happen.

Trading method tips are related to the actual trading strategies themselves.  There are many trading systems and methods available and it can be quite confusing.  But, whether you are trading using traditional day trading techniques or long term trading techniques, the method tips will certainly be useful to you.

Tip: There is something you can do which is so easy to do and provides enormous benefits but not 5% of traders take the time to do it.  It is called documenting the trades.  Experts have proven that there are certain chemical reactions which happen in the brain when you write things down.  These reactions work to reinforce good behavior and help you avoid bad behavior.  It works best when you physically write it down on paper; not on any type of electronic ledger.

Trading environment tips are for the environment in which you trade.  It consists of all of the elements of the physical space where you are located while trading.  You must consider the chair, desk, lighting, computers, phones, and writing instruments.  Your trading environment also includes your personal physical space; meaning your body and your mind.

Tip: Have you heard of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)?  It is an eye disorder caused by prolonged use of digital devices.  It is not just the staring at the screen that hurts you but it is the very nature of the pixels in the digital image that harm your eyes.  There are several natural remedies to relieve CVS and actually improve your overall eye health.  The experts at Rebuild Your Vision offer exercises, tips, and natural therapies to protect your eyes.

To achieve consistent success with Bitcoin trading requires harmony between the trading market, the trading method, and the trading environment.  These trading tips also work well in other markets too.  Our free trading tips document covers these and many other actions you take to improve your trading results.  The document contains links to the sources of our data for you to study further.  It also contains our specific recommendations of items to acquire, which helps you to avoid making the same mistakes that we have made.


Bitcoin Day Trading Tips

Trading is truly a noble profession.  Many amateur traders have “day jobs” and attempt to use trading to supplement their “main” income.  If done properly, trading can provide the disciplined professional trader a very high standard of living.

Bitcoin markets are up till now still unregulated, and by definition, EXTREMELY risky.  Mitigation of that risk requires discipline, self-control and proper planning.

We hope that you benefit from the use of these Free Bitcoin Day Trading Tips, and as always, please read and understand our disclaimer.  Your use of any of the tips in this document and our liability is covered by the language of our disclaimer.


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