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As traders, we have come to learn that most trading is 20% technical knowledge and 80% emotion.  Bitcoin trading is no different.  But because Bitcoin trading is unregulated, it is raw, pure, emotion.  There are no rules to prevent you or anyone else from initiating almost any trade you desire.  There are no margin requirements and no regulatory body to “protect” you.

This freedom invites wildly speculative trading fueled primarily by fear and greed.  These two emotional states, when expressed through trading, are highly predictable.   This once in a lifetime, rare combination of multiple trading styles, numerous inexperienced traders, a new currency trading market, mixed with basic human optimism, form predictable patterns in the Bitcoin price movements.

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What’s in the Manual?

The Pro Bitcoin Trading Manual begins with a brief introduction of the history of Federal Reserve Notes (aka dollars).  It answers the question, “How did we get here?”.  You then learn the difference between money and currency and the volatile history of Bitcoin.  After reading this section you will finally understand what’s the “big deal” about Bitcoin.  You’ll also come to know why many Governments are so afraid of this new and disruptive technology.

Then the Pro Bitcoin Trading Manual teaches you several proven techniques for trading the    Bitcoin markets.  Each technique is designed for a particular market setup and the techniques may sometimes be combined for more impact and greater profits.  These are the strategies developed during years of trading the S&P 500, S&P E-mini, gold, silver, and treasuries.  They are known in professional trading circles as Program Trading.


Here is an example; the chart above provides two indicators which foretell a significant move which occurs within the next two hours.  Can you identify these two signals?  A professional program trader of Bitcoin can easily recognize these signals.  The Pro Bitcoin Trading Manual teaches you how to identify these trading signals and more.

The manual clearly describes step by step what you need to do to execute each the techniques.  You are taught which type of charting system is needed, how to identify entry points, and when to get in and when to get out.  You are taught the safest method to execute Bitcoin arbitrage trades as well as effective swing trading strategies.  Actual Bitcoin market charts are used as examples with clear explanations of what to look for.  These techniques are simple and they are very powerful.

The methods introduced in the Bitcoin Trading Manual are all high probability trading strategies which work in short term and long term time-frames.

This timely manual is yours for only (contact support) as a PDF download.

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