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What’s in the Manual?

The unregulated freedom to trade Bitcoin invites wildly speculative trading fueled primarily by fear and greed. These two emotional states, when expressed through trading, are highly predictable. This once in a lifetime rare combination of multiple trading styles, numerous inexperienced traders, and a new trading market; mixed with basic human emotion, form predictable patterns in the Bitcoin price movements. The Pro Bitcoin Trading Manual teaches you how to identify and exploit these patterns.

  • The Pro Bitcoin Trading Manual begins with a brief introduction of Bitcoin so that you first get an understanding of “How did we get here?” With this thorough understanding, you will have acquired the foundation to begin trading successfully.

  • Next you are coached on the psychology of trading. Most trading is only 20% technical knowledge but 80% psychological. You are given exercises to perform which reinforce positive trading behavior and eliminate self-destructive behavior.

  • Then the manual walks you through the set up process where you learn how to configure your accounts, your trading platform, the charts, and even your physical trading environment.

  • Finally, the Pro Bitcoin Trading Manual teaches you several proven techniques for trading the Bitcoin market. Each technique is designed for a particular market setup and the techniques may sometimes be combined for more impact, predictability, and greater profits. These are the strategies developed during our 15 years of trading the S&P 500 futures contract. They are known in professional trading circles as Program Trading.

The manual clearly describes step by step what you need to do to execute each of the techniques. You are taught how to identify entry points and exit points. You are taught the safest method to execute Bitcoin arbitrage trades as well as effective swing trading strategies. The charts used contain numerous examples with clear explanations of exactly what to look for. These techniques are simple yet they are very powerful. The methods introduced in the Bitcoin Trading Manual are all high probability trading strategies which work in short term and long term time-frames.

Our original price for the Pro Bitcoin Trading Manual was 0.5 BTC. But, even we are amazed at the rapid rise in the price of Bitcoin. At the most recent BTC high price, our manual would be priced at over $4,000. (and still worth it)

However, until we reach our authorized maximum sales, we offer the manual at only $697, payable in Bitcoin.

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Our Guarantee

We are confident that this manual, if carefully followed, will make you a successful Bitcoin trader. Our guarantee is if you follow ALL of the procedures and recommendation in this training manual, you will unambiguously identify trading opportunities which, if traded, will pay for this manual within the first 90 days of trading.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime


Order your Pro Bitcoin Trading Manual today for only $697