About Us

There is much about us that leads directly to where we are in life. The authors are a father and son team who are simply known as Walt and Walt Jr. Walt is an entrepreneur and former commodities trader. As a child, Walt and his older brother accidentally “discovered” the weed eater 9 years before its commercial debut. Upon learning of this “new” product in 1980, Walt swore to himself that he would never let another opportunity slip through his fingers. Walt is a former Navy nuclear operator, and an airplane owner and pilot. He started an energy and water conservation company in New Orleans and served on the New Orleans Least Cost Energy Commission. After selling his energy company, he formed an IT services firm in Washington, DC in 1995. The firm grew to $12M within three years. Walt stepped away from day to day operations and began full time commodities trading.

Walt began trading the S&P futures contracts in 1998. He eventually expanded to trading gold, silver, treasury bonds, and currencies. His success in trading provided the ability for Walt to move his young family to Coast Rica in 2008, where Walt continued to trade from the beach, the spa, and his balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In 2011, M.F. Global, a commodity trading firm, filed for bankruptcy protection. Walt’s trading accounts were with M.F. Global and he lost his entire trading account balance. This event was the clearest sign to Walt that the current economic system is teetering and could topple anytime so Walt immediately stopped commodity trading.

In 2012, Walt moved back to the US and began taking on some of the day to day activities of his existing IT business. Walt was introduced to Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading by Walt Jr. his son. Walt immediately saw the parallels of Bitcoin trading and commodity trading and soon learned that the trading patterns of the two were almost identical. Walt began studying the Bitcoin markets and then wrote a training manual to teach others how to trade Bitcoin using the similar patterns of the S&P’s.

Walt Jr. is an entrepreneur, a black belt karate instructor, a personal trainer, and a Bitcoin trader. Watching his father as a child, Walt Jr. realized that while working hard is admirable, working smart is far more profitable. Initially accepted into and attending MIT, Walt Jr. decided that success, financial rewards, and happiness are not guaranteed by obtaining a degree from a prestigious institution. Walt Jr. left MIT to travel Europe. After returning, Walt Jr’s interest in self sufficiency led him to train on an Aquaponics farm. Walt Jr. learned of Bitcoin at a conference for the Liberty minded. At the time, Bitcoin was referred to as the currency of Liberty. Walt Jr. then purchased his first Bitcoin miner and began to mine. He later also purchased, and traded his first Bitcoins.